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I guess I heard about the effort out on the “street

Since last year, BG has offered to pay as much as $15,000 in reimbursements to companies that investigate and install the ice cooling systems and another $200 for every kilowatt of power the company shifts from daytime to nighttime usage after the system is installed. Potomac Electric Power Co., the utility serving Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, has offered to pay up to $5,000 for studies and $250 per kilowatt since early 1990..

But other times, there’s pain, swelling and bruising. Dr. I guess I heard about the effort out on the “street,” which in history buff vernacular means from someone at a historical society, library, at a county event, the B or in the grocery store, in case you were picturing trench coated, slightly nerdy characters standing on seedy street corners trying to score history tidbits. Anyway, if anyone has contact info for this group, please forward it on..

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Lacrosse legend Gary Gait, the Syracuse University women’s lacrosse coach, attended Tuesday’s practice and spoke with Harbaugh afterward.. Jack tells Rebecca he doesn’t really feel like going to dinner so they go home and Rebecca tries to get Jack to stop sulking and tell her what’s wrong. When Jack finally tells her he knows she and Ben used to date, Rebecca tells him it was nothing and that she didn’t tell him about it because it didn’t mean anything and she knew he’d “spin out” and get jealous..

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